Sunday, December 9, 2007


Hi Everyone,
I know, I know... sorry for not updating until now, I'll try to do better. Well, we came home on Monday Nov 26th from the hospital at 6 days old. He had his shunt placed on Friday Nov. 23rd (2 days old) and that went so well. It took a little less than an hour and he was out of surgery. In the recovery room he already looked great, his eyes were focused and his head had already gone down in size. The neurosurgeon said that the surgery went so well and Carter did great. We stayed at Primary Children's for a few more days. Carter was having a hard time eating, maintaining his temperature and keeping his oxygen up. So we came home on machines and monitors. He had a feeding tube called an NG tube that goes into his nose, down his throat and into his tummy. He was order to eat what he can by mouth and the rest we had to feed down his tube. He was also sent home on oxygen and we were given a pulse/ox machine to monitor his oxygen levels and heart rate. He had a bunch of great days eating and last Tuesday we were able to remove the feeding tube. Hopefully soon he can be taken off everything, we have to keep his hands covered, he's already learned to rip out all of the tubes. Developmentally he is doing everything that a 2 week old does. He is just doing amazing. We have received a lot of calls for you all to visit. We would love the visitors but his doctors say that he is not strong enough for kid's to come visit. All of his doctors and nurses that prepared for him say that he is indeed our miracle baby! We, however, believe that miracles have little to do with him. We know that he is our blessing and all our prayers have been answered. Thank you to all of you, our family and friends for all the prayers, love and support you have all shown for our family. The power of prayer works he is proof!