Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ankle Foot Orthotics

Back to the fun posts! Just another thank you for all the fundraising efforts of all of our families, friends and community. Your efforts were so wonderful. Our family feels so supported and loved, thank you!

Lets get back to the fun stuff, the day to day stuff. I have tons of info since our last "how we are doing" post. Lets start with DAFO's (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses). Our Physical therapist was concerned with Carter's ankles turning in, here's a pic of before the DAFO's were ordered. She said this sometimes happens to children who don't use their muscles often or have low muscle tone. So in Carter's case he has both those problems. We ordered from Cascade and we love them, well Carter doesn't love them, but they are doing their job. Ug looks painful...

And Here's a pic of Bug in his DAFO's. They're just like little shoes.

And today, just a couple months later, look at the major improvement:

HYDRO MOM TIP: Go to a shoe store and purchase "High Heel traction" for the bottom of the DAFO's. They originally came plastic on the bottom and he slid all over when trying to walk. Payless Shoe store sells high heel traction for just a couple of bucks. Oh and they fit perfectly on the bottom, no need to cut, bonus!