Monday, September 22, 2008



Drum roll please...we raised $1,688.00 for research for the Hydrocephalus Association! We came in 2nd place for the most money raised and 1st place for the most people who came out and walked! I'd like to give an extra special thank you to those who have donated, those who went out and raised funds for us, and those who came out and walked with us. Your support will be forever remembered and your love is forever planted. You have made a difference in these children's lives and the outcome of their futures, thank you so much!

Thank you Amy & Jaxx, Pam, Chelsea & Gavin, Susan, McCoy & Cooper (By far the winners who came out ahead and still looking great!)

Thank you Bill, Anita, Melissa, Michelle & Steven (A couple of rest breaks, and a questionable lead)

Thank you Dave, Tonya & Garrett (1.4 miles, no big deal right?!?)

Thank you Mark & Pat (hurt foot and still smiling)

Thank you Jen & Jensen (Glad you found us!)

As all was said and done, who was worn out?

I just want to send out a special THANK YOU to all of you who donated who couldn't come out and walk. Thank you so much for all of the donations you gave and funds you raised, we feel so blessed from the support you have shown to our family.
All Teams

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just wanted to Thank everyone who have donated so far, we really feel love and support from all of our family and friends, we've collected $825 which is so great! Well there's only 10 more days of fundraising until our walk and we'd love more donations, so go out and bug all you know. We've got pledge forms if you need them, just let us know. So our walk is a week from Saturday at Sugarhouse park (just off I-80 and 1300 East) from 8:30am-1:00pm. They say there is fun stuff for the kids and a lot of them will be on trikes and scooters and bikes. So it will be a morning of family fun (I guess, we've just heard, we've never been). Again, thank you so much for working as hard as you have to help our family and so many more who are effected by hydrocephalus.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dirt Bikes, School, Colds and Teeth

Eric & Jordan ganged up and won the dirt bike battle. Doesn't he look cool!?! He hasn't ventured out of the garage yet. (shrug) Maybe we should get more insurance?

J also started school this week and he loves his new teacher, two good years in a row, can't beat that. Funny story, on Wednesday when he got home I asked if he had any homework, he said that he only had his spelling words to study for Friday's spelling test. I said to get them out and we'll practice them together. He said that he didn't need to practice because 'he's a great speller and it would only waste his time to study spelling'. I said that he should probably study them...just in case. After a brief argument on how it's important to do his homework, he kept insisting that he knows it all and studying would just be a waste of his precious time. So I thought I'd pull one over on him and I said that we would go over them once and if he didn't make one mistake then he wouldn't ever have to study spelling words again (I had this one in the bag, they were hard spelling words). He smirked and happily agreed to the deal. We went over 26 very tricky words and to my amazement he sailed right through them, no mistakes, not even a hesitation. Those darn tweens, just as promised I put away his spelling for the week. On Friday he came home with smiles from ear to ear test in hand, the big 100% right on top! Good job J!

Well we've been battling a little cold this week. Carter started throwing up and having the yuckies on Wednesday, the next day he woke up with a stuffy nose and fever. We took him in to the doctors and he only had a viral infection. Its really hard because most of these symptoms are signs of a shunt infection, so we were put on major shunt malfunction watch for the last few days. Luckily we woke up today and had a great day. We are definitely getting better. YEAH no hospital stay this time!

So the oddest thing, Carter has 4 teeth now, two bottom and two vampire (eye) teeth, anyone ever heard of that?!? I thought they get those two top teeth next. He also learned how to grind those pearly whites! I've seen Eric heeby-geeby every time Carter gets his mouth's orchestra going, it's pretty nasty but it makes me giggle.