Monday, February 25, 2008

3 Whole Months

Our little angel is doing great. We just celebrated 3 months old! Carter thought singing Happy Birthday was just about as funny as it gets, he giggled and giggled all through the song. He is super fun right now, his little personality is sure showing. He just smiles and giggles all day long, well in between all those feedings and naps, what a hard life. He's getting so big, Cassie let us borrow her gorgeous bassinet when he was born and it worked so well and the other night out of the blue he didn't fit in it anymore. We just upgraded to the next size clothes and those cute little diapers are now not so adorable. He loves being sat up and looking all around oh noisy toys are pretty cool too. Jordan gets the best laughs and smiles, he's a great big brother. We are really excited for cold and flu season to end, we'll be out and about more and ready for all those visitors. Thank you for respecting our "no sick visitors" policy. Hopefully it will get a bit easier soon. I am going to post pictures more often because he's just too cute not to. Keep those prayers coming we're loving all these blessings.