Monday, February 1, 2010


What do you get if a 2 year old...with special needs...with life threatening condition just needs a few stitches?

1- Several ER Attendings
2-Anesthesiologist3-Respiratory Therapists4-Several ER Nurses5-A tricky Sedation method6-A few thousand dollar ER bill (not to mention a pissed off 2 year old) I guess if we pray for a 'normal' boy thats what we will get. We decided to skip out on church on Sunday and have a relaxing day, well little Carter fell on the corner of our bed and split his bottom lip open. We knew by the amount of blood and how open his lip was that it could use a couple of stitches but we didn't know how anyone was going to get those in. If you follow baby Carter's story we know that he cannot be sedated or he goes into full respiratory arrest with most of the narcotics and sedatives. So our cute ER attending was beside herself not knowing what to do. She decided to try Ketamine (a sedative that doesn't make you loose consciousness). Well, it was quite the production for just 4 stitches.