Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Times

Sorry to leave the blog on such a sour subject for so long. We have good stuff to report. Everyone is healthy, happy and thriving.

First of all, oh what a cute baby that is up there! That smile was just before a major melt down, he he.

At the first of 2009 we were accepted to Shriners hospital, what a blessing that was, it is such a wonderful organization. We had a physical therapy assessment (so that was just 3 or 4 months ago) and the PT said that she thought Carter would definitely walk, she estimated he'd walk by kindergarten, but she set our goals for being upright sometimes throughout the day and scheduled us a wheelchair fitting.
Well I am pleased to report just a few months after that assessment he is almost walking. He is now pulling up to standing and "cruising" furniture. His PT thinks he'll definitely be independently walking by 2 years old. What an accomplishment for our little dude.

He's also eating a bit better then before. We started a high Calorie diet with his feeding therapist, with a bunch of high calorie ensure shakes and we are happy to report he's now got a bit of chunk on those skinny little thighs.
Speech & Feeding therapy is on hold for a few months. She thinks he's doing super in both areas so we can clear some days off the schedule for...well...I dont know what we will do with a morning or two off. We still have vision, PT and OT each week, 2 therapies down 3 to go!

Vision is right on target for his age.
PT, well we're catching up, that's a heavy head to master.
OT, well I think we'll be in OT for a bit longer but our window to the world is opening and what do you know, I think we're fine with that big world out there.