Monday, March 30, 2009

Shunt Recalled

Here is the letter we received in the mail:

Dear Parent:
As we are sure you know, ventriculoperitoneal shunt devices can malfunction, and if they do, surgery is often required to repair them. Unfortunately, this is more common than any of us would like.
Recently we have seen seven instances where the shunt tube in the brain (ventricular catheter) has become disconnected from the rest of the shunt. We have only seen this with the BioGlide catheter.
The manufacturer of BioGlide, Medtronic, has recently issued a voluntary recall of all BioGlide ventricular catheters. This means that BioGlide catheters will no longer be used, and the hospital supply of BioGlide catheters will be sent back to Medtronic. The company is not recommending any action in situations where the BioGlide catheter is currently in use by a patient.

Your child has a BioGlide catheter in place, the neurosurgeons and staff feel that you should be aware of this issue, but they feel that the risk of a problem because of this new issue appears very low. The neurosurgeons are not recommending that these ventricular catheters be removed or changed. If you have concerns, however, the hospital staff would be happy to arrange for a CT scan to check the shunt and the ventricles, without a cost to you.

Isn't this nice, as if we don't have enough to worry about. How does a shunt get recalled, especially the one that is lodged in my baby's brain? I wish I may I wish I might, wish that there will be an alternative to our shunt someday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Boy!

Look at what a big boy we are! He just took a giant leap in development, where everything is just working right with his vision, physical, sensory, really everything (yes even eating). He is now sitting independently. We put him in a sit up high chair at a restaurant for the first time, in a shopping cart at the grocery store, and a big sitter in the bath tub, what a big boy! He loves being vertical in the world, how much easier it is to take him places. Positioning has always been a hurdle for us, I imagine it will be for a while. He has been able to sit supported for a while now but had to rest his head after a couple of minutes. So this is a big deal to our world and a big milestone in the Hydro community. Go Bug!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Upper GI

We went to the GI (tummy) doctor because of our frequent vomiting. Bug vomits every day, most days its several times a day. He eats, he gags, he chokes, he vomits. Projectile vomit is just part of our lives everyday. We started feeding therapy about 6 months ago, she works on eating, food volume, gag reflex, textures, desensitizing, blah (all without success). I think it's probably the biggest trial we have right now. So we were referred to the tummy doctor by all our therapists and doctors, they were just sure that we have something wrong with the structure or the mechanics of our tummy. So we went to the hospital were they gave him a bottle and recorded the fluid going from his swallow to his upper intestines. It only took about 20 minutes and it was very invasive. The radiologist (dude doing the test) said that from his throat to his intestines were perfect!!! We've never received good news from a doctor before, it was quite refreshing. He said that his tummy looked very healthy and "well built". Yeah! What nice news. So what does that mean for our vomiting? Oh that means he's got a mental block with eating, it's called an oral aversion. He has something going on in his brain that tells his body that food is bad and needs to be thrown up. They did confirm he does have reflux. His GI doctor says he is about 6 pounds under weight, he only weighs 20 pounds and he should weigh 26 pounds right now. So more feeding therapy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a Boy!

My sister and her husband had their second baby Monday night, It's a Boy! He's super precious and a bit chunky. He came out at 9 lbs 1 oz just an ounce shy his brother. He has his brother's eyes, oh he's just beautiful. We cannot find his name tag anywhere on his little body so we don't know what to call him yet. Oh just look at those giant cheeks. He's already eating great and he has such a sweet little spirit already. Tonya has a cold and she's been a bit sleepy with cold medicine, but she's basking in all the newness of this little guy. Yep and I'm that crazy aunt that is loud and in his face and I just can't share him. Oh he's scrumptious, I just want to kiss those cheeks!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Elephants are pregnant for 2 years, my sister is close! She's 41 and a half weeks pregnant, she's 10 days over due. That baby is quite comfortable where it's at and I'm starting to think she's quite comfortable being pregnant forever. She's scheduled to be started Monday morning, so we should have that baby by lunch tomorrow! She doesn't find out what she's having with any of her babies, I just know it's a personal attack against me! How am I suppose to shop? Her first baby was right on time and still was over 9 pounds, sheesh, lets hope this one is able to come out!