Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have very exciting news! Carter tested Negative to L1CAM Syndrome! What does that mean? Here's a scientific definition in kindergarten terms: Well, there are ten's of thousands of genes in our bodies. Each gene is connected to one of our many chromosomes. We tested just one of those genes in Carter's body. That was going to tell us if he had L1CAM Syndrome. That is a genetic cause to congenital hydrocephalus. If he did have L1CAM that would mean that I (Mom) had that mutated gene. I would then have the chance to pass it along to 50% of my male children and my female children would have a 50% chance of carrying it and passing it along to her children, because it's attached to the X chromosome. This mutated gene only affects males (giving them hydrocephalus) and the females just carry it. I probably have confused you right?

What does this mean for little Carter?
While its really good news for any future children that the stork may drop off to our home, but it doesn't mean we are any closer to finding out why Carter has Hydro. It ruled out just that one reason, there are hundreds of other causes, or so they think.

HYDRO MOM TIP: If you are interested in more information, we went through the company Gene Dx for our L1CAM test. There isn't much information out there just by searching (atleast that I could understand) but at the bottom of Gene Dx click on "information sheet" for a pretty good explanation.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Little Turtle!

Jordan is a hill-billy and Carter is a Turtle.
Carter's came with a cute little turtle hat but...it didn't fit. :(

Look what Carter was busted doing to the trick or treat candy