Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News!

This might not be a big deal in the average home but our home its huge! I heard Bug wake this morning and I could hear some wrestling around. It took me a couple of moments before I entered his room and to my surprise this is what I saw...
Carter was standing up in his crib! He was fully standing but by the time I screamed in delight and grabbed the camera he was back down to his knees. Bug usually cannot get out of laying position. Our physical therapist said that 'laying to sitting' will be one of the hardest transition to master (because of the weight of that heavy head). He was standing up in his crib! That's amazing for us. I know, I know, most kids do this by just a few months old, but its a major accomplishment for us. So we spent the night lowering his crib to where he can't fall out. What a blessing this baby is. Another milestone "they" never expected him to reach is now checked off! He'll show the world he rocks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prayer Request

Our little hydro buddy is in the ICU hanging on after full cranium reconstruction. We just love this little guy. We met through our local Hydro parents support groups. I have picked their brains for all of the little tricks that the doctors and therapists don't know about (other parents are my best resource). Baby Cole is a little older then my Carter and has been through everything just ahead of us, so when there's something we can't figure out we know either Cole or little John Paul will have the sure answer and solution we need. He has suffered some complications from the surgery and we wish for a good recovery. He has wonderful parents who love him very much. They have great faith that is carrying them through this hard time. We have been praying endlessly for our special Cole, please do the same. I am praying for Cole's good and timely recovery, for his parents to stay strong, eat at least one meal a day even if it is hospital food, to get some sleep on the ICU waiting room couches or the occasional doze in the rocker glider next to Cole's bed, to stay strong and to grow with each of these trials they've been given. Please pray for this family, they are truly remarkable people.

Here is Cole's site:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dream Night at the Zoo

Our local zoo hosts a special event called "Dream Night," its for special needs kids from our local children's hospitals. They open the zoo only for these special kids and their families, feed us dinner and have a little performance from a special needs band then we can see all the animals. Carter didn't see any animals though, he was more interested in the glass, fence or bush that housed the animals. The rest of us like seeing the animals. Maybe next year.