Thursday, January 15, 2009


Bug went in for surgery on Tuesday to have Eye Muscle Surgery on both eyes and 2 Hydrocele Inguinal Hernia's repaired. Everything went really well. He was in surgery for a little over 2 hours and both surgeons said the surgeries went just textbook great.

Eye Muscle Surgery was to straighten out his eyes. They just went behind both eyes and tightened the muscles that controls eye movement. Before surgery, Bug's left eye would always stray out and he couldn't bring it all the way in, even if he was looking to the right. They said that we will see a difference in about 2 weeks but he got out of surgery with straight eyes. I guess it'll just get better over the two weeks. He does look a bit beaten though, both eyes are super blood shot, there's only red where there use to be white, they said they will be like that for a few weeks. They think he'll have to have about 3 of these surgeries before he goes to kindergarten.

Hernia Surgery was because he had 2 hernia's in his groin. I guess it's pretty common in preemie boys because the testies don't descend until the 38th week...ish in the womb so babies that are born before that sometimes have problems. Anyways I guess when the beans were dropping they created a hole in each side and those holes got filled with fluid and that's why they call it a hydrocele. So they made 2 incisions a ways below the belly button and sewed the holes. Apparently he's not suppose to have problems with it again.

Usually these surgeries are in and out procedures where you can go home after recovery, but because of bug's history (coding on the OR table or shortly after surgery) we had to be admitted for the night for observation. He did extremely well after surgery and has done exceptionally well since we've been home. Thank you to all who have visited and sent us baskets, and all the prayers.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carter's 2008 Stats

As most of you know, we've had a busy year. We knew we'd make it this far and we knew it would be hard, but we never knew how rewarding it would be! These stats are from Carter's birth (Nov. 2007) until the end of 2008. Here's our medical year in review:

6 Brain Surgeries
3 Other Surgeries
3 Code Blue's (full respiratory arrests)
16 Days of NG tube for feeding
114 Days on Oxygen
4 Failed Hearing Tests
3 Passed Hearing Tests
1 and only Failed Vision Tests
154 Therapy Visits
36 Doctor Appointments
25 Days Hospitalized
5 Days in Critical Condition
1 Blood Transfusion
3 Missed Holidays (due to being in the hospital)
8 ER visits
12 CT's
11 x-ray's
1 bout with Meningitis
1 bout with RSV
1 bout with Staff Infection
1 Ear Infection
4 Respiratory Virus'
Projectile Vomit several times a day

*and ten's of thousands of dollars out of pocket

But witnessed a miracle each and every day. He continues to grow and develop as he should. We've had a few bumps and delays in our path but we know every moment is priceless. We have grown so much as a couple and as a family. We never get bogged down on the little stuff like not sleeping or not going out. Our worries are different than other parents, we don't worry too much over an ear infection or if we are using the right diapers or whether we'll discipline like we should. We worry about Bug breathing all night, if he'll make it to adulthood or even adolescence, or when the next shunt malfunction will happen, and things like that. The constant worry is sometimes too much but we just focus on today and what's best for today.

I guess I better update the plan, we are going in for surgery on January 13th for 2 hernia's and eye muscle surgery. It shouldn't be a big deal, and if he does okay through the surgeries (meaning if he doesn't quit breathing or heart quit beating) then he'll be able to come home that night. Let's hope for the best. Keep praying!