Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's a Boy

Well we found out that we are having another boy! I guess we only know how to make one kind of baby. This is our 3rd boy. Maybe this one will like to shop! The important thing is that he appears to be healthy. We've had an ultrasound every month since we found out and each suggests his brain structure looks good; no fluid, vents look normal, head size normal, no abnormalities detected (other then that kick stand between the legs, that wasn't suppose to be there). So everything looks good, I guess I'll take all the boys I can make! New family score Boys-3 Girls-1 maybe we should adopt a girl pet.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Our little blog created to keep family & friends updated has won an award for being in the "Top 20 Head & Brain Blogs." This blog reaches thousands around the world living with Hydrocephalus and other brain conditions. I have been blessed with the opportunity to share our story which in turn has helped others dealing with their own situations, what an honor. I received this award from nominations and votes from my readers and I would like to thank all of you. Honestly this blog helps me as much as it helps others, its very theriputic to write our experiences and I love that Carter's story has been captured. So again thank you to all who nominated and voted for our little blog, I apprieciate it.