Friday, February 13, 2009

Our New Wheels

Check out our new walker, we got accepted to Shriner's! That hospital is such a blessing, what a wonderful organization. We were accepted for care and we've been to a couple of appointments already. We are now going to get Physical therapy and Occupational therapy there, we've already seen a great difference in the care just from Primary's rehab and Shriner's, we are very impressed. So, this is our new walker, it's designed to hold his body and work those legs and get us up walking in no time. Our new PT thinks we will be walking in just a few months with this wheelchair. Then we'll get a little pony walker where he just hangs on (it's a miniature old people's walker) it's pretty cute. In his new walker he's stuck in reverse, it might take a few days to get the hang of our new wheels. This is just about as adorable as it gets, don't you think

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mystery Solved!

Funny Story: This week was filled with several Doctor visits, some follow up and some check ups and so on, just a normal week in our world. Our pediatrician and speech therapist are concerned about his mis-shaped head and how one ear is slightly higher than the other ear. So we got referred to a Craniofacial doctor. We are to check his jaw and head and see how it’s going to effect his speech and feeding. So anyone who knows me in real life knows that I don’t stand for the po-dunk doctors I have to choose the best of the best so I made my appointment with the head of the Cranio Department (I wont mention names). So we get there and are taken back, Doctor comes in gets our health history and he starts to exam Bug pretty thoroughly without saying much out loud, he’s writing and examining and writing and measuring and writing. I was pretty impressed so far, (remember not a word has been said yet), oh the dr’s wheels were turning. After about 10 straight minutes of examining, he then puts down his pencil and tape measure and…no joke…says “Its my opinion that the reason his head in mis-shaped is due to the Hydrocephalus.” WOW how many years of med school? He then said that he’s not sure he could do much for us and sent us away. We haven’t got the bill yet but I’m pretty sure that little piece of medical brilliance will cost us a pretty penny. SIGH