Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4 Months Old

We just went to the doctor for Carter's 4 month check up, and all is well. He is getting so big and strong. He weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches long, he is doing absolutely wonderful. Most of his day is spent laughing at just about anything that happens. Sometimes we can't even get through our bottle because we just want to play and giggle. He is sleeping about 9 straight hours at night, how lucky are we.

We have a few therapists that work with him all the time. We have a vision therapist that comes to our house once a week for about an hour and works with him to help him focus. She's been coming for a month now and she said that Carter wins the "most progress in the shortest amount of time" award. We also have a physical therapist that comes every couple of weeks to help us with our head and positioning. She's not too great though, she says wacky things, we don't love her.

When Carter was first born he failed 2 big hearing tests. The hospital sat us down and told us that he will be deaf forever, and sent us on our way. It was terrible. We took him home and always treated him like he could hear. About a week later he started responding to our voices and different sounds so we knew deep down that he could hear. Well, we went in and did another test about 2 weeks ago where they hooked up some sensors to measure his brain waves to different sounds. He Passed the test just fine this time. They said that his hearing was completely normal now and everything in there looked great. Apparently it was just the pressure on his ears. We are hoping that his vision problems have a similar outcome.

We went on an outing to brunch on Easter morning with the family and he loved it. We were a bit nervous and kept him in his car seat the whole time, but it was a start.

Carter is such a happy guy with the sweetest little spirit. He's been such a delight and a wonderful part of our family. We are enjoying every minute of every day, we hope to bring him around more often. We thank our Heavenly Father every day for our blessings, he's just doing great.