Saturday, January 15, 2011


Carter started preschool about a month ago, we chose an early learning center in our community, I was so nervous I just knew he'd have a hard time. Turns out he loves it. He gets to ride the big bus that comes right to our door. It was strange how well he adjusted to school, it just shows how much he needed the stimulation. His teacher has a masters in special ed and early childhood education, she's so good with Carter and all his unique needs. He's even eating snack with the class, most days. I was a nervous mommy and sobbed that whole first day, but now we have both adjusted. Way to go Carter-Bug!

Also, Jordan just got his braces off and looks so handsome! He's now in 8th grade, this fall will head off to high school, gulp. He's so good with his brother, he's such a big help, even when Carter is beating on him.


Temmie said...

Ummm. I don't recall saying it's o.k. for him to be such a big boy!!!! I'm so glad he's doing well in school. You are one amazing momma and I'll be lucky to be half as great as you for my little guy!

One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Yeah - I'm so glad Carter loves school. Cole has been in since the end of August (although I'm noticing I'm SERIOUSLY slacking in updates) and he has had the same reactione -- love the teacher, the program, the activities. The go on field trips almost monthly and he participated in the Christmas program. The only hard part is letting him get on the bus and be gone all day -- we miss him so. But it's so comforting to know they love him almost as much as we do. And the progress has been equally amazing. So glad we made the decision to go with the longer school day (USBD) -- he's welcoming it, although he is a little tuckered out coming off the bus at the end of the day.

Jolene said...

YAY for preschool:)

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